Time Shares

Timeshare Ownership

Today’s “Vacation Ownership” allows for the opportunity to own a piece of “Glacier Country”, Montana. It is difficult to predict the exact cost of vacationing in the future, it’s a safe bet to say the costs certainly won’t be going down—especially in our neck of the woods. By purchasing, you can most certainly guarantee future vacation opportunities for a lifetime at today’s prices.

The drastically reduced costs and responsibilities of timesharing compared to ownership of a vacation home can also be very attractive to many individuals. Timeshare at its core is essentially a group of people sharing the cost of a vacation home. You and a group of other people share the purchase cost of a vacation accommodation, in increments of one week (or more) per year of use, thus guaranteeing your ability to use that accommodation during the period of time you choose. This system makes vacation home ownership possible for many people who cannot afford a second home or who otherwise would not be able to enjoy such resort facilities.

It is important to remember that purchasing timeshares should never be viewed as a financial investment with the expectation of gaining a profit in either reselling it or renting it to someone else. Timeshare is an investment in lifestyle, in future holidays, in family time together, and when viewed that way it can be a good investment indeed. In general, it is still best to purchase at a resort and time of year that you really like and where you would be happy to return each year for your vacation. However, some people purchase mainly for the exchange possibilities, and that is where a lack of understanding can cause new owners to think they’ve made a mistake by purchasing a timeshare. It is best to research both the resort and the concept of timesharing before you purchase.

There are many excellent web based services that will provide you with the tools and knowledge to become a satisfied owner. Besides the initial purchase price, all owners share in the yearly maintenance fees. This ensures the quality of the property stays the same. This fee covers the property management, upkeep of units, refurbishing, utilities and maintenance. This is a small annual expense when you consider that on your vacation you will enjoy the luxuries of such amenities as DVD’s & Flat Screen TVs, new furnishings, and spacious accommodations—not to mention the additional luxuries such as the indoor heated pool, hot tubs, etc. If you would like to know more about purchasing a timeshare week(s) at Glacier Wilderness Resort, please feel free to contact us by email or telephone, at the addresses listed on the home page.

The annual dues for a two -bedroom cabin are $930.00.  For a complete listing please email or call us and we can provide you with the necessary information.