Owner Services

Beginning November 1st we will be sending out invoices quarterly as follows:

January, February, March Invoices – sent out October 1st and due December 1st 

April, May, June Invoices – sent out January 1st and due March 1st

July, August, September Invoices – sent out April 1st and due June 1st

October, November, December Invoices – sent out July 1st and due September 1st

Invoices that are 10 days late will have a 10% late fee added.

If you have changed your email address, cell phone number, or home address it is imperative that we have the correct information for our records. Please let the office know as soon as possible of these changes.




2023 –


It is again time for our yearly meeting which is scheduled for Saturday, August 12th at 6:30 PM Montana time (MST).  We will be meeting in the Lodge or via computer using Zoom.  The procedures will be outlined later in another newsletter. We hope you can be in attendance!